Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dingwalls..Rox support gig

Hmmm, twas a interesting and important one for a number of reasons:
1. Played for the first time to mainly people who didn't have a oodle who i was (well not many people do but you know what i mean!) and i guess may not be into my music naturally/normally..a crash course in the art of winning over a crowd had begun.
2. Laptop stopped working one or maybe two track's into the set..brain was in flight mode, i just wanted to run off stage lol..luckily (after minutes of fluffing and mumbling) i found all the tracks backed up on my Itunes..gosh.
3. Realised i really need to get more organised, need to thoroughly test everything, too many tangled up and frayed wires is messing up sound checks and in turn in this case performances..i want to do this professionally so i must act as such..i'm a artist with technical responsibilities amongst others, i must not forget!

Other then that the night was fun and a eye opener..in one review i've been called "ever-so slightly eccentric" so not all bad LOL, Liam Bailey (the other support act) was outstanding and Rox? Truly truly amazing, she looks and sounds like a star, destined for greatness i hope and pray..learned so much from her performance and i want to keep on learning in everything i do, were on the road!

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