Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Its been a little while since we last conversed, a thousand apologies things have been a bit mad of late, i'll explain:

I'm now a artist on Brownswood Recordings, which is just so amazing..just for a label to believe enough in me to want to put out my ramblings is such a boost, i wont give the "i've toiled for so long" speech : ) just be rest assured i wont waste the opportunity maaaaaate, onwards and upwards!

What else?
I will be releasing a free digital E.P called The Sound of Strangers on June 1st, maaan even typing that seems a bit mad lol but its true, you guys can have some music to keep which you can play whilst cooking, driving, running or whatever else you may do on a daily, why don't you come down to the launch party on June 2nd @ The Lock Tavern, London? Will-be-fun fun fun : )..flyer with details beloooow

And there's more
May is going to be a little bit of a mad one gig wise, full details will be on the myspace (go go goooo!!!) but to summarise:

May 4th - Shamboogle, Amersham Arms, London - Very very very special guest headliner oooh i wish i could tell you!!!!

May 8th - Adventures of The Beetroot Field, The Rest is Noise, London.

May 11th - Supporting Nneka, AB Brussels, Belgium - So blessed to get this, excited maaaate plus i love Belgium chocs, so i'll be broke upon my return lol

May 14th - The Great Escape Festival, Brighton - This got confirmed yesterday, hearing such good things about TGEF, can't bloody wait!!!!

Hmmm one more?

Well it seem's i'm going to have a interview on Giles Peterson's Worldwide BBC Radio 1 Show next week Tuesday night hopefully, such a honour if it happens, been a dream i must say, please tune in if your up or listen again on the iplayer, big tiiiings : )

I really want to thank everyone who's shown support, recommended me, wrote about me or simply listened to my stuff so far, really those mean so much, things are a tad stressed for me away from music at the mo (i won't bore you with the details) and to read a nice comment or to see a nodding head at a gig just helps to keep the train moooooving : )


stay tuned and speak sooooooon

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ello, fancy a mixmixmix?

Been included in a SXSW "ones to watch" mix by New York luminaries HomebaseNYC, so very lovely of them : ) click on the front cover below to download and gooo check out them cool cats @

Apologies on the lack of posts of late, a lot is going on and will tell all soon enough, stick around : )