Monday, June 7, 2010

Rox : Memoirs

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Ello elloooooo

Long time long tiiiiiime, I don't have proper Internet access yet (doing this from my phone) so apologies on the lack of postage
As some of you may know The Sound Of Strangers EP is out now whoo hoooo, feels like I've achieved something, it's just the beginning but it's a nice buzz to finally have some music out for you guys to own, THANKYOU for all the twitter/facebook comments, blog posts and texts of positivity, people seem to be feeling it so a wee small pat on me back haha

This first single should hopefully be out in August, currently finishing off the album and with a bit of luck will be out in September, I-can't-wait-for-guys-to-hear-it, hope you like it *gulp* lol

Things have really been mad as of late especially on the net front, I was a Guardian Band of the Day last week (craaazy), write up's elsewhere on the www. @ prefix mag, cmj, urb,   soulculture, alt sounds, laidback, USAtoday (!) amongst loads of others from around the globalsphere..THANKUUUUUU so much writers and bloggers, big yourselfs up! 

Once I get the net up and running in my new flat, I'll get back on the blogging properly promise!!!!!!, currently searching for jobs whilst having a Lord of The Ring film marathon, a interesting combo I must say...

Until next time, stay safe and keep in touch, up the mountain we climb!!!!