Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Zane Loooooowe...madness!

A few words and a upload of the vid..canne complain maaaaaaaaaaaaaate : )

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Cash and Carry Me Home videoooo : )

Cash and Carry Me Home

ghostpoet | Myspace Music Videos


I decided to bike into work today for the first time ever in London, was bloody marvelous!! such a enjoyable experiance..think I've got the bug : ) Hold tight Ian Gallais. Below is my chariot..I call him Carlito, he's a triple O G.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The video for Cash and Carry Me Home should be up online tommoroooooooow yipeeeeee..stay tuned for location : )

Friday, September 10, 2010

Me & Rox - To Something *Free Download*

Thanks to everyone who has listened, commented, blogged and/or downloaded our little ditty, REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciated : ) It maxed out the allowed downloads on the Soundcloud and there's been a little confusion about where it can now be downloaded so please click on the image below and grab it!

Shout out to Brklyn Music for adding the writing to the image above : )

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Trying to think out of it these days....

So technically i'm a "artist" now...

Yep, all signed up and ready to goooooo! So many things whirling around my head..happiness, relief, belief, more hunger, pride..determination..can't explain it, waited so long to get this point and all I want to do is work harder! Can't wait for you guys to hear the album : ) here's to progression *cliiink*

Haw haw haw moment

Sacked from day job and sorted a record deal on the same day..darn liiiiiiiiiiiife

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mount Kimbie - Crooks & Lovers

Aaah why wait till tomorrow when today is still here?! Love this at the moment, current tube music, the morning commuters just cant take my head nodding..don't blame me, blame the Kimbie! Please go get this..just too beautiful..

How I see things sometimes...


Things are flowing this way and that but luckily it seem's to also be in a upward direction..think i'll write a blog tommorow..enjoy Flylo..Get Cosmogramma...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rox : Memoirs

Navigate your sat navs or mouse to your nearest purchase point pronto

Ello elloooooo

Long time long tiiiiiime, I don't have proper Internet access yet (doing this from my phone) so apologies on the lack of postage
As some of you may know The Sound Of Strangers EP is out now whoo hoooo, feels like I've achieved something, it's just the beginning but it's a nice buzz to finally have some music out for you guys to own, THANKYOU for all the twitter/facebook comments, blog posts and texts of positivity, people seem to be feeling it so a wee small pat on me back haha

This first single should hopefully be out in August, currently finishing off the album and with a bit of luck will be out in September, I-can't-wait-for-guys-to-hear-it, hope you like it *gulp* lol

Things have really been mad as of late especially on the net front, I was a Guardian Band of the Day last week (craaazy), write up's elsewhere on the www. @ prefix mag, cmj, urb,   soulculture, alt sounds, laidback, USAtoday (!) amongst loads of others from around the globalsphere..THANKUUUUUU so much writers and bloggers, big yourselfs up! 

Once I get the net up and running in my new flat, I'll get back on the blogging properly promise!!!!!!, currently searching for jobs whilst having a Lord of The Ring film marathon, a interesting combo I must say...

Until next time, stay safe and keep in touch, up the mountain we climb!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



Its been a little while since we last conversed, a thousand apologies things have been a bit mad of late, i'll explain:

I'm now a artist on Brownswood Recordings, which is just so amazing..just for a label to believe enough in me to want to put out my ramblings is such a boost, i wont give the "i've toiled for so long" speech : ) just be rest assured i wont waste the opportunity maaaaaate, onwards and upwards!

What else?
I will be releasing a free digital E.P called The Sound of Strangers on June 1st, maaan even typing that seems a bit mad lol but its true, you guys can have some music to keep which you can play whilst cooking, driving, running or whatever else you may do on a daily, why don't you come down to the launch party on June 2nd @ The Lock Tavern, London? Will-be-fun fun fun : )..flyer with details beloooow

And there's more
May is going to be a little bit of a mad one gig wise, full details will be on the myspace (go go goooo!!!) but to summarise:

May 4th - Shamboogle, Amersham Arms, London - Very very very special guest headliner oooh i wish i could tell you!!!!

May 8th - Adventures of The Beetroot Field, The Rest is Noise, London.

May 11th - Supporting Nneka, AB Brussels, Belgium - So blessed to get this, excited maaaate plus i love Belgium chocs, so i'll be broke upon my return lol

May 14th - The Great Escape Festival, Brighton - This got confirmed yesterday, hearing such good things about TGEF, can't bloody wait!!!!

Hmmm one more?

Well it seem's i'm going to have a interview on Giles Peterson's Worldwide BBC Radio 1 Show next week Tuesday night hopefully, such a honour if it happens, been a dream i must say, please tune in if your up or listen again on the iplayer, big tiiiings : )

I really want to thank everyone who's shown support, recommended me, wrote about me or simply listened to my stuff so far, really those mean so much, things are a tad stressed for me away from music at the mo (i won't bore you with the details) and to read a nice comment or to see a nodding head at a gig just helps to keep the train moooooving : )


stay tuned and speak sooooooon

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ello, fancy a mixmixmix?

Been included in a SXSW "ones to watch" mix by New York luminaries HomebaseNYC, so very lovely of them : ) click on the front cover below to download and gooo check out them cool cats @ http://homebasenyc.net

Apologies on the lack of posts of late, a lot is going on and will tell all soon enough, stick around : )

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is this the future?!

Truly amazing, just saw this on www.soshapeit.co.uk had to share!

Augmented (hyper)Reality: Domestic Robocop from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

Ghost Tape Vol.1 *FREE DOWNLOAD*

Recently done this mix for Some Think Blue Magazine which spawned the idea of a series, look for more free mixes soon, click on the link below to download, hit me up if you would like tracklisting:

ghost tape

Dingwalls..Rox support gig

Hmmm, twas a interesting and important one for a number of reasons:
1. Played for the first time to mainly people who didn't have a oodle who i was (well not many people do but you know what i mean!) and i guess may not be into my music naturally/normally..a crash course in the art of winning over a crowd had begun.
2. Laptop stopped working one or maybe two track's into the set..brain was in flight mode, i just wanted to run off stage lol..luckily (after minutes of fluffing and mumbling) i found all the tracks backed up on my Itunes..gosh.
3. Realised i really need to get more organised, need to thoroughly test everything, too many tangled up and frayed wires is messing up sound checks and in turn in this case performances..i want to do this professionally so i must act as such..i'm a artist with technical responsibilities amongst others, i must not forget!

Other then that the night was fun and a eye opener..in one review i've been called "ever-so slightly eccentric" so not all bad LOL, Liam Bailey (the other support act) was outstanding and Rox? Truly truly amazing, she looks and sounds like a star, destined for greatness i hope and pray..learned so much from her performance and i want to keep on learning in everything i do, were on the road!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Date change for the gig at Momo's which was on the 30th March, will now be on the 6th April so please do come downdowndowndown : ) and do a skank or foxtrot, flyer with updated date below.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Some friend's video's

First up: Tinashe - May Day, it's out on the 14th March, was there for some of this shoot, was coooold in that market, brave lad!

Second Video: Rox - My Baby Left Me, out on the 15th March. Supporting her on the 18th March (check earlier post on this if you like : )

Blessed to know them, lovely people, great artists.


My musical uncle...

Such a character and inspiration, a must watch. More lecture's from this year's RBMA's here: http://www.redbullmusicacademy.com/london/lecture-videos


Yesterday was a weird one, having no job is a real brain strain sometimes..i feel I've kept it together pretty well, i dunno..just fell off the wagon a little yesterday, feeling sorry myself..thought what's the point of pursuing dreams which maybe just that..dreams?
Hell no, we've come too far down the musical road to turn back and do what?..more customer service nonsense? a life of "what if's", "i should have's" & "if only's"?
It's hard sometimes when i can't go to mate's birthdays, gathering's, christening's because i ain't got the cash for travel or I've spent the little cash i have after bills on musical equipment because I'm a son of sound lol
I want to buy Mrs. GhostP nice things, take her out more.. i wanna help my mum and my siblings out and my head say's to me "get a 9-5, wear that suit, make that cash, be satisfied"
heart..oh my heart..which has always held sway since i was like 12 say's "music is what makes you happy, this is the path chosen for you, it's a longer one but stay the course maaate"...
I can't go back
I can't go back
I can't go back
I've got a good team around me now thankfully, I've stitched up the sails and getting sea worthy, wish me luck!

Glad i got that off me chest : )

I think I'm going to put a mixtape series of sorts together..it's going to be called "the ghost tapes" or something like that, just stuff I'm feeling, tracks passed my way and maybe new demos...got some ideas for it, so watch this space and get ready to download for freeeee!

Interesting things are happening, news as it happens, stay close people.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

For the kid in me

Got passed this by a mate, hold tight Dremond. Creatvity ain't dead..so inspirational. 2 million plus views in two days and counting! Check the first video they made for this track on youtube land.

So maybe she's a radio detector?

This...song...will...not..leave..my..brain..alone...since..i've..started listening to it about 20 minutes ago. If this isn't on a advert in the next couple of month's i'll eat my pork pie hat.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bonobo ft Andreya Triana

Been getting into Bonobo's music recently, loving Fink's stuff too, Andreya Triana's/Flying Lotuses - Tea Leaf dancer's is a play to the grand kids classic maaaaaate.

This track is like downbeat moody soul, so haunting, pulling you this way and that, too brill.

Dangermouse + J Mercer = Broken bells

Intriguing song, can't wait to hear more!

First support slot


If you don't know about the amazingly talented ROX yet, check her here: www.myspace.com/roxmusik

Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 2: Life after redundacy (LAR)

I officially was laid off work last Friday, i guess everything happens for a reason but it's hard to see the wood for the tree's sometimes, i feel o-k/good. Thing's are going really well on the music front which is a blessing..just bill's are bills and they must be paid! haha.

I feel i need to document this time so i can look back when hopefully the better day's come, smile and mouth the word's "i made it through" and i must, life's waaaaay to short to drown in the sea of OH NO! Going to keep productive, positive and forward moving, if you see me slacking, please give me a cyber kick up the butt : ) , may make this into a video diary if i feel brave enough, we'll see lol.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Gilles Peterson's Worldwide Awards 2010

What a amazing night, thanks to Peggy and Giles for the opportunity
: ) : ) : ), check out the death stare from my drummer Flo haha

Monday, February 22, 2010

Ghostpoet at Momo

First headline set with me and the band, its gonna be a scorcher maaate, come down!

Gorgeous flyer by the lovely Ana Pryor

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mindset mindset..need a new tv set.

GREAT film
Great track
Saw this on a nigerian tv channel, made me chuckle alot.


Monday, February 15, 2010

So it begins..

This is my new home people..randomness, thoughts, laughter and musical treats will be my weapons of choice, i'm going to try and keep this updated at LEAST once a week.."yeah right" i hear them cry, we'll see, we will see my friends : )

Just got back from Nigeria so will putting up some snap snips from that escapade.

Speak soon